The Asli Co empowers orang asli mothers to earn a sustainable income through making modern handicrafts.

Additionally, 30% of profits are dedicated to providing sustainable clean water solutions.

The Asli Co. Cement Pots made by Orang Asli Mothers
The Asli Co. Handmade Soaps Pots made by Orang Asli Mothers, great for wedding favors, door gifts, corporate gifts

Our Story

From left: Erman(Anisah's husband), Anisah, Xin, Jason.

It all started when co-founders Jason Wee and Lim Xin Yu, who have been volunteering to build houses for Orang Asli families personally saw first-hand the challenges they faced on a daily basis, such as access to clean water and limited job opportunities near their homes.

Mothers also had to quit their jobs to stay home and care for their young children. Effectively slashing their household income by half.

We also saw the global problem of single use plastic trash plaguing the Orang Asli kampung’s surroundings and thought, how can we help them earn a living without compromising the earth, and their precious time with their young?

So we taught Anisah, the very first Orang Asli mother whom we approached in Kampung Orang Asli Serendah how to make cement pots for succulents from trashed plastic cups picked up from her surroundings.

The used plastic cup moulds would later be sent back for recycling to ensure no additional waste is created from these products.

On top of purchasing their craft creations, we are dedicating 30% of our profits to provide individual water filters for each Orang Asli family in the community. We hope to reach out to more Orang Asli to equip them with skills to escape the poverty cycle and to give their children a better chance and a better education.