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We're an accredited social enterprise with a mission to improve the livelihood of Orang Asli mothers and their families in Malaysia.

Our Impact

Mothers can now purchase necessities for their children, purchase data for mobile studying. Most importantly, they are able to put food on the table to help the family during these tough times.
Impact 1


Orang Asli mothers & upskilled and empowered

Impact 2


channeled towards providing materials, equipment, training & wages to Orang Asli Communities

Impact 3


mothers are paid up to 4 times the minimum hourly wage

Impact 4


Orang Asli villages in Selangor, Perak, Negeri Sembilan & Pahang, Malaysia

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The Asli Co. - accredited social enterprise by MEDAC Malaysia, MAGIC, buy for impact program, PPISK

What people are saying

Quality products with an impact to marginalized communities

Debbie Loh
Debbie Loh

Customer - Handmade Soaps

I developed a pretty mean eczema issue recently, and it meant going on a witch hunt on all my body washes. Coincidentally, I got a set of Asli Co. soaps as a gift and tried them out. They scored the best on my ingredient worksheet AND they are literally the most gentle soaps that I have used!

Original Review
Elaine Yeo
Elaine Yeo

Customer - Hand Sanitizer

Great initiative on helping out Orang Asli mom on supporting their families! Hand sanitizer is now playing an important role in maintaining the cleanliness of our family members, especially when doing groceries. And kudos to the R&D team! The hand sanitizer smells great and it encourages the kids to use it.

Original Review
Jian Wyn Lam
Jian wyn lam

Customer - Hand Sanitizer

Awesome initiative. The hand sanitiser sprays are genius - good formula (no residue, smells and feels fresh) and the bottles last a long time, probably because spraying eliminates wastage.

Original Review
Elin Halim
Elin Halim

Customer - Succulent Pots

Beautiful pots filled with beautiful plants. Especially love the impact!

Original Review